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Director's Message

Dear Friends of Don Bosco Navajeevan,

We are already on the threshold of the New Year. The Time just passes by! The time just flies! We need to stop for a moment! Take stock of the years being added to our very existence! A question we need to ask: ‘Am I becoming more human?’

The term, ‘global village’ is very fancy these days as every one of us is interconnected due to the technological advancement. The electronic communications have replaced physical and interpersonal communications. The social consciousness (basically humans are social animals) is just seen in the emojis we use while responding to situations. The hour has come to understand who we are as humans. Verbal affirmations and empathetic feelings need to be converted to action oriented and impact creating initiatives. Nirander Safaya in his book ‘The Beauty of Being Human’ explains through 200 poems what it means to be human: ‘Attachment to life, desire to love and be loved, thirst for knowing, and consciousness are the hall marks of human nature.’ 

The world needs us humans, to be more proactive in preserving the ecological balance; to be more peace loving; to be more understanding towards the global concerns; and to be more focused to work in unity with one another. In other words, egoistic tendencies need to be replaced with social consciousness.   

One thing that comes to my mind as we are in the last month of the year 2022 is ‘Thanks.’ I recall with humility the magnanimous heart many have towards the needy, the abandoned and the poor. The staff and children in Don Bosco Navajeevan Homes have experienced tangibly your loving care and concern. ‘A big thank you’ for the innumerable sacrifices you make to bring smiles on the faces of street involved, orphan, poor, vulnerable and marginalized children being rehabilitated in Don Bosco Navajeevan Care Homes, Hyderabad. May this Christmas bring you peace, prosperity and fulfill all your heart’s desires! Happy New Year 2023!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Thomas Remalla SDB